To mean "lots of" something.
There are brim people at this party.
I love you brim
by Chaarley June 12, 2008
Another word used for describin oral sex amongest the youth of today
e.g. your gal gave me brims last night


another example did you get the brims
by Dewi January 15, 2004
When people say Back Brim, it meenz give hed, suck cock.
Will u back me brim?
by Brimmer November 14, 2003
To back brim is to give me head.
"I backed that buff boy brim"
"Will you give me brim"
by Fiona89 May 12, 2005
noun referring to something really stupid or ridiculous... usually used as a response
What you just said is a big fat brim!
by bac February 01, 2005
to leave a place
i am gonna brim now
by bcb June 27, 2003
Brim (prefex) when added to the start of a social media app name references anything associated with excellent facial hair and/or red hair.

Brim (noun) Anything with facial hair but more specifically mustaches, red hair and or an afro.

Brimming (verb) used when giving something the qualities associated with brim.

Brim is a positive word associated with excellence, gratuitous epicness and so on. One does not simply brim without simply being awesome. It's applicable to all genders as long as they are willing to put on a mustache or red hair.
I just couldn't shave today, I needed to brim it out!

Hey, check out Johnny's new profile, such a brim-stagram!

Would you look at that, there's a brim coming down the street. Now there's someone who know's how to wear red!
by Squanto Claus December 29, 2015
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