square, boring, dull.
If I don't sneak out tonight to the party, my friends will think I'm brik.
by mattman2900 March 05, 2012
Top Definition
1- (Noun) Someone lacking a brain. Usually caused by dropping a brick on their head. Someone with no common sense.

2- (Adjective) An action falling very short from making sense or being intelligent. A regrettable mistake not well thought out usually resulting in injury, arrest or other long term negative consequences.
1- Wayne: "I dare you to jump off this bridge into that can of dirty syringes!"
Mitch: "Okay"
Wayne: "Haha you stupid fucker I knew you would do it you are a total fucking brik!"

2- Sean: "Mitch why weren't you at the party last night?"
Mitch: "I got a DWI."
Sean: "Wow, that's fucking brik!"
by Snakepit Sean WNB May 17, 2007
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