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Strange crazy cat lady from south east europe but usually resides in her home town of perth, where she goes to a high school which can not be disclosed in this paragraph, she takes english class where she is often caught TUXTING and being a panda, she often goes to her 'happy place' located at her top secret headquaters that is at an unknown location, 87 William Street, Perth. She enjoys sitting and doing nothing, and listening to japanese disco pop fusion, as well as her favourite artist Rebecca Black, she strongly dislikes anything asian, especially KPOP music, infact, she refers to it as GAYPOP or KPOOP. teh edn.
Brigitte: "Hi, I'm Brigitte Scott!"
Dylan & Jesus: "ZOMG GTFO FFS :@"
Brigitte: D: D: D: D: *deis*
by Ms Julia Gillard (Current PM) April 10, 2011
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