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A glistening fairy castle filled with unicorns, rainbows, flowers and maroon.

Whilst the school is religious enough to make the inhabitants cynics, it is populated mostly by atheists. Mess with Brigidine girls and you will be lost under a swarm of vicious, hormonal teenage girls.

However, whilst undoubtedly vicious, cynical and hormonal, Brigidine girls must disguise their extreme hotness under baggy kilts, else they would cause even more of Australia to become desert and push global warming to extreme scales.
"DUUDE, I'm blind. I can't see! I can't see!"

"I told you to not look directly at a Brigidine girl."
#amazing #hotness #fairies #magic #teenage females
by Dabennett April 01, 2013
1) Let's just say that if dogs could fly Brigidine would be an airport

2) A place populated by unattractive and highly displeasing hoes

3) Disgusting and repulsive women

"Whoa dude! check out that fat bitch getting off the train"
-"Yeah, well...that's Brigidine for ya"
#chat #putrid #ugly #repulsive #dog #airport
by justplease May 21, 2008
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