A long time ago, there lived a
Crazy old woman who liked to eat green peppers.
One day, the old women went out to her green pepper garden and discovered that
Many sharks had squirmed inside and stolen her peppers!
My oh my!" exclaimed the woman. "I suppose i'll have to destroy them all," so she went searching for the sharks
Until she found them in their bubble palace in the lake. First, she ate them all.
Next, she killed them all until they were dead. Finally rid of the
Irksome sharks, the old lady fell down and rolled home.
Some time later, she imploded.
The end.
Do you know the legend of Brigid?
by lemmingsfalloffcliffs December 12, 2013
A name of a tween who drinks/injects/snuffs/smokes lots of coke (cocaine). Best friends with tweens named Donald. Often in love with Jaw To.
Person 1: Dude, who's your dealer?
Person 2: Brigid, obviously!
by Brigid, Jaw To's lover April 29, 2010
Brigid is a fat whore who dates food for a living. she has no time for anyone else apart from hotdogs and hamburgers.
" Oh look at that whore she is such a timeless homewrecker brigid"
by Steph<3 69 April 06, 2009
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