Yeah brightons the gay hub of england DUHH
by Rawrasaw April 18, 2009
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not only a cool English town but a KICK ASS SKI RESORT in Utah where the snowboarders dominate and the backcountry powder is the sickest. Good vibe, good people, good times. Now go somewhere else.
Please don't come to brighton, there is nothing to see here. Park City is so much better.
by csmaller February 19, 2009
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A shitty town settled in Rochester, NY. Mostly lower-middle class, a few homes can be seen that would rank in to middle class. Because of this, the mindset is to prove you're better than everyone else. The schools are extremely clique, expect to be treated like raw sewage if you're ever in a Brighton school. The majority of residents are a bunch of society fed sheep, that will follow any trend to make their lifestyle look better. The weather is 90% cloudy, with terrible winters. I lived here for most of my life, so I know this dump inside and out.
Brighton person: Just got my Iphone 5, now I can look cool, blend with other users, and make people that don't have it rank under me!
After living in a REAL city I can judge this sad excuse.
by brightonsucksballs November 09, 2011
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a queer who licks other mens ass holes and thinks he is good at getting the ladys but he is actually gay. he thinks he is hot shit and knows everything

a city in england
guy 1: look at that prick

guy 2: yeah he is such a Brighton

guy 1: we should kick his ass
by chadBfly March 21, 2011
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