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The infamous summer residence in Hampshire owned by Sir Briggsy, where all year round a constant flow of artists and socialites, mainly men, gather and then disperse as soon as they come.

The 'cottage' takes its name from Sir Briggsy's hardcore cottaging sessions back in the late 60s and early 70s, which at the time received vast media coverage due to the amount of celebrities thought to be indulging in what was a new culture intriguing the closet gays of the time. Although the site is not actually near a river, it is said to have taken its name from either the copius chain of semen released throughout the buildings and outhouses or from the amount of men which pass through the site, to which locals and other observers have described as 'a river of men'.
So did you come out at Briggsy's River Cottage? Yes, he was very gentle and helped me through the whole process, I couldn't have asked anything more from the small rabid dwarf like creature. I didn't even feel a thing.
by Floating Spleen August 21, 2006
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