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A wonderful, loving, caring girl. A Brieanne will always be there for you, and will love you like no one else could. Basically, an angel in human form.
Wow that Brieanne can always put a smile on my face.
#amazing #angel #loving #wonderful #perfect
by CrazyAwesome123 July 27, 2010
Phsycho, beautiful short brunnete. The best friend anyone could have. A Brieanne will help her friends no matter what. Misunderstood by many because of how quiet she can be. Refuses to involve herself in drama. Many guys fall for her because of her adorableness and great personality.
"That girl gets along with everybody! She must be a Brieanne."
#brie #friend #trustworthy #adorable #innocent
by twinkiestar May 03, 2010
Brie-Anne is the name of a kind hearted girl who will always be there for a friend. Brie-Anne or Brie is known to be extremely intelligent and hard working but knows how to cut loose and party hard! Brie is very strong minded and sticks to her gut. Nobody could say a bad thing about her, yet she is very self conscious and cares about what you think. The most creative and artsy girl on one hand and a very driven individual on the other.
I wish I was as smart as a Brie-Anne.

This birthday card looks like it's made by a Brie-Anne!
#brie #cheese #kind #thoughtful #loving
by squidword November 24, 2012
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