A girl with the two bestest friends that anyone could ever have. Plus she's the shit
brieanna you are the shit
by Brieanna March 04, 2005
Top Definition
Meaning-Strong and Virtuous (celtic, old english)

A beautiful girl who is shy at times, great at poetry and an incredible influence on those around her.
She treats her friends as family and cares more for them than for herself.

A very loved girl
I love brieanna
by the1anonly August 16, 2010
The Sweetest Brunette. A Girl That Loves To Smile. A Girl That Has Alot Of Guys Wanting Her. A Godess To Everyone She Walks Past. A Girl That Can Give A Good Blow Job. A Girl That Talks Alot And Is Very Sexy.
Brieanna, You Give Such A Great Blow Job. Oh, It's Brieanna, She's So Sexy. Brieanna, Just Shut Up, And Come Makeout With Me.
by Brieanna_annaeirB January 09, 2010
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