Is a derogative adjective describing:

a) Someone of low wit
b) Someone with a common disposition and with low-brow social elegance
c) A yocal
George: "From her general demeanor I would say she is a chav".
William: "No. She's far more coarse. She's definitely bridgwater"
George: "I quite agree, she couldn't be any more bridgwater"


I once saw a homeless man. There was something very bridgwater about him.

by Devilcow July 14, 2008
Top Definition
The Shit Hole of the United Kingdom. Funnily enough, Watchet - a nearby town - is also the Shit Pit of the UK.

Imbreading is high in this area.
I'm gonna ahve a Bridgwater at the Watchet.
by Theo Samaritan September 12, 2006
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