Someone whose whole world consists of the following counties: Beaver, Butler, Allegheny and Armstrong. Traveling out of the country consists of heading to Lake Erie, PA or Ocean City, MD. You can often recognize these individuals because they will be without a female companion and wearing some sort of athletic jersey (mostly Pittsburgh Steelers). Do not mention any sort of hopes or dreams around these individuals because they will ridicule and harass you until you feel worthless and as if there is something wrong with you. A night on the town for these individuals consists of Rooks, followed by a night of complete annhilation at Fred's Divot. They are a gregarious species usually traveling in large groups (no females) and drinking endless amounts of beer while scaring away and sort of potential mate. Vacations are often taken at Pirates or Steelers games. One not familiar w/ the Bridger species, may believe that they are involved in some sort of competitive drinking circuit. Also easily identified by a goatee and constant aggression caused by sexual repression.
I hung out with the Bridgers this weekend and can't remeber a damn thing.
by Bridger Bill September 11, 2007
A heartless asshole that only cares about himself. Someone who thinks he's better than everyone else. Guys that have this name are often very mean.
Bridger, you're such a fag.
by Someoneee. August 12, 2008
some one who bridges there network connections to give there team mate host on halo 2, also they can standby and lag out other players in ranked games. also noober351 is a fucking pro bridger i mean fucking godly.
guy 1-"that guy is a 47 wtf"
guy 2-"hes not legit, hes a fucking bridger noob"
guy 1 "oh lol
by a1337prolol July 19, 2006

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