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An anchorman for the Channel 4 News in the 70's. Is actually mentally retarded, but now works for the White House with 11 children and a wife. He usually says funny things that make people wonder how he even became an anchorman.
"Where'd you get your clothes? From the.. toilet.. store?"

Brick: "I love.. carpet. I love.. ... desk."
Ron: "Are you just naming things in the room and saying you love them?"
Brick: "I love lamp."
Ron: "Do you really love the lamp or are you just saying that because you saw it?"
Brick: "I love lamp!"

Ron: "So are you going to have your Celebrity Golf Tournament again this year?"
Brick: "No, too many people died last year."
by Hannah.. July 19, 2005
the mentally retarted weather man for the legendary channel 4 news team
Brick Tamland-"i read somewhere that there(women)periods attract bears"

Brian-"ya hear that ed, bears, now ur puttin the whole sudio in jepeordy."

Brick-"the bears can smell the menstration"
by brick tambland May 08, 2006
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