The most awesome web-comic I have ever read!
by Christopher Doyle, it's all lego and the fourth wall is basically invisible!
Starring Whisky Tango Foxtrot(or W.T.F) and his pet frog, Scotch.
The comic itself makes very little sense but it's very funny(except for the puns, they're lame)
You can find it on
Whisky: Scotch, we've gotta find a way to comunicate
Scotch: *BLINK*
Whisky: now lets think...
Whisky: well, you don't know ASL
Scotsh: *leaps on top of Whisky, knocking him to the ground* BLINK BLINK BLINK
Whisky: Stop batting your eyes at me, we've got to get back to the brick house!
by KrazyKittyKid November 04, 2010
Rick James coined this term to mean a drop dead gorgeous woman - "36-24-36"
Oh man, she's a brickhouse. Just letting it all hang out.
by Half Dollar March 01, 2005
A woman who's hip measurement is very similar to her bust measurement. Yet, holds a smaller waste measurement.
Pamela Anderson is a Brick House because she has large bust and hips with a small waste.
by jn_ten November 23, 2006
A type of weed that is actually basil and parsley used by Ralph and me to trick his cousins and Will Dunkirk.
Dude, wanna go get Will to smoke some BRICK HOUSE in the woods?
by Chris "NOD" Trapani July 10, 2008
a woman with a voluptuos, curvaceous body; for example, Jessica Alba or Halle Berry
She's a brick house she mighty mighty just lettin' it all hang out!
by Silky Smooth February 05, 2004

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