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You use the term "brick shit house" to describe someone who is hideous looking. Usually this person has a disproportionate figure, uber short legs, or is just super fat.
Person A: "Do you see that huge ass person over there?"
Person Z: "Yeah, that bitch is build like a brick shit house."
by qwerpoiu November 18, 2009
10 95
UK usage-

A very big person, normally male who is as broad as he is tall yet carries very little fat. Not the sort of person you would willingly upset.

Term comes from the large brick built outside toilets once common in working class areas of the UK.
I ain't gonna mess with him, he's a bleedin' brick shithouse.
by black flag June 07, 2004
615 128
Heavy set; stocky; well built. As in “He was built like a brick shithouse”.
by cracky March 01, 2003
322 120
usually describing a person who is very muscled and tough; impervious, unassailable
"He went up to the line -- tall, formidable, and built like a brick shit house!"
by Mark Satterwhite January 28, 2004
201 49
Brick shit-house,brick shithouse are also acceptable forms of spelling.

1) a stand alone sturdy toilet constructed from brick.
2) Simile - a large and/or muscular person
That person is built like a brick shit house
by anun January 28, 2004
97 45
A huge motherfucker with gigantic muscles that could fuck up anyone that doesn't take steroids and go to the gym 6 days a week.
Look at Alfalfa, he is one huge motherfucking brick shit house.
by FrameMan February 24, 2009
65 32
originally from an outdoor toilet, now used to describe a big-framed male or female (usually derogatory for the latter)
'whoah, shes a big girl'
'yeah, built like a brick shithouse'
by BlinginMongHead January 07, 2005
174 175
tough, and or good looking
Damn, shes built like a brick shit house!
by Brent January 29, 2004
81 84