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The feeling you have right before you pee.
1.Oh my god i feel so bribble!
2.Please don't bribble on me.
by buh-buh-buh-bribble October 28, 2008
The bro fribble. When a person has ice cream or another dairy treat in their mouth and lets it drip or dribble into a person's anus and proceeds to motorboat their butt cheeks. An ice cream rim job also qualifies as a bribble.
"Since I got to the pound, I haven't been able to get a good bribble in. Alls they got is astronaut shit, ya know?"

"She kept on making out with me, but all I really wanted was a solid bribble and some Fritos."
by Lol JK January 22, 2014
The scratchy stuff after you shave your beard of legs
Tom : "Geez Mike, you got alot of Bribble."
Mike: "Hell ya, my Bribble is badass."

Tom: "Damn that hoe gots lots of Bribble"
by Dmikeflow August 09, 2009
The unwelcome run of cool fluid down one's arm when brushing teeth for too long.
When I zone out using my electric toothbrush, I hate the bribble. I want to finish brushing but should I rinse it off? Or is my arm cleaner for it?
by Doctorsmother November 05, 2013
it is a chatbox on the internet where people go to chat :D

some basic people from bribbles are

Newman: this guy whos a moderator ;o
Cloretta: a girl who goes out with a boy named chris
chris: a boy who goes out with a girl named clo
Saba: the ultimate dictator of all bribbles
Misam: the owner of everyone on misams chatbx
--FaGgOtPoSeR--:some gay faggot noob pedofile no one cares about
Keelers: this dude who wants to be a temp mod
Lelly; this girl who wants to be a temp mod
bugsy: a girl who is smexy and goes out with saba
Nature: a big fat ugly smely perv who sucks cocks everyday and likes to rape girls.
Iveh: a hyper 8 year old
daytona10: a funny perv dude
Tortili: this dude who i saw typing in green
Roo: someone who comes on bribble to spam
Matre: a noob who likes to eat from the trash
LittleDudeo: this noob guy who tries to make people go to his site by saying theyll get free money
Chewypup: a gay little faggot dude
lets go to misams bribble
by Saba Dictator King September 01, 2008