usually a 16 year old girl who is anal about organization. normally tall with short brown hair. takes after that father figure in the family. favorite saying "your mom" at completely innapropriate times. feeds on younger sisters that are tall beautiful with long blonde hair. briaunas hate blonde girls. if you are around them to long they can start to rub off on you. beware.
blonde 1: omg! something just ate all my long blonde hair off!!
blonde 2: it must have been a briauna
by Laliah December 19, 2008
Top Definition
An amazing girl who, upon meeting, will never be forgotten. Typically petite in stature, yet hardly unnoticeable. Naturally, she radiates joy to all whom she comes into contact with. As a result, those who meet her almost always attach themselves to her. She is kindhearted and befriends all, no matter their background. She constantly attracts guys, but has the highest of standards, so many fail to win her affection. But those who do are changed forever, for she is "the girl" every man seeks to find because her love is treasure-like. She makes her man feel like a king by her selfless, warm caring nature. Those that have had her love will never experience a love as great. The one that has her love does everything in his power to keep it. At times, because she is so thoughtful of others, she'll neglect to speak openly about herself. Some may mistaken this behavior to be clandestine, but those closest to her knows that she is simply the most humble person in existence. She is very modest, extremely observant, and always discreet. She is always quick to forgive and is exceptionally understanding. Physically, she has a gorgeous smile, sparkling brown eyes and a lovely physique. She has the type of beauty that men desire to marry, for it never causes the eye to grow weary. Today she may be adorably cute; tomorrow she may be drop-dead gorgeous. But everyday she's alluring.
Evil Queen: "Magic Mirror in my hand, whose the fairest in the land?"
Magic Mirror: "Sorry my queen, I don't mean to hate, but Briauna has been the fairest since '88!"
by beezy2013 January 21, 2013
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