A really hot girl witha a bombing ass and that u would like to fuck every day non stop (sexkitten)<3
by asquriel September 29, 2011
Great, amazing, kind, person that's da bessttt!
Person: Yo how's Brianna?
other person: oh she's da bessst!
by Matt18 November 02, 2014
The name means strong and noble. She's usually short, confident, goofy, and loud. A nice, kind-hearted girl, some what stubborn but is also straight-forward. She is very funny, laughs all the time, and is a hopeless romantic. Creative, and artistic, she can do anything with ease, and although she's a lil over emotional, she's worth it. She'll make you happy and light a fire in your heart. She does worry about friends, and sometimes people she doesn't know. She is caring, and has been known to put things before herself, she is a good friend. She isn't fake. If she doesn't like you, she doesn't like you and she won't be fake to you or talk about you. But when she likes you, she loves and gives all of the respect you deserve. She has a nice body. Brianna knows how to drives guys crazy, and can twerk like a boss. Not to mention can put it down on the dance floor and bedroom.
Tim: Damn Brianna fine and she knows how to work it.

Bobby: Man tell me about it.

Tim: Too bad you messed up. Well I think I should introduce myself then.

Bobby: Damn if only I didn't fuck up!
by shawtytoothickk__ November 16, 2013
A girl that is a boss ass bitch.
Person 1: Dang is that a Brianna?
Person 2: I think so.
Person 1: She is a boss ass bitch!!!!!
by 123456479 January 29, 2014
A girl who is nice, talented, pretty, book-smart, and street-smart. She can sometimes be a handful, but otherwise she is a great person. She is always there for her friends and family.
Skye: OMG! I totally just met a Brianna today!
Chad:You are so nice! Is your name Brianna?
by Summer Wright December 30, 2013
Brianna is by far the greatest name for a girl to have. On top of having a great name, this girl is fucking gorgeous, like we're talking about an 11/10 here. She is absolutely wonderful in every way and will cheer you up even when you are down in the darkest place or foulest mood possible. Also, she just so happens to be a great girlfriend and is very caring. More importantly than that though, she's a damn good friend, the best actually and if you knew her you'd do anything for her even if it hurt you. If you know a Brianna take good care of her and always make sure she's happy, she deserves it.
Carson; Hey Brianna?
Brianna; What?
Carson; Strawberries
by Maingravy May 14, 2015
A very beautiful, odd minded girl. She is very loved by her peers with a odd mindset. You'll never meet another Brianna so cherish her. She is also very silly but serious when needed. A Brianna is a overall awesome friend and person
Look at Brianna
Yea I bet shes a awesome person
by MyChemicalRomance05 April 03, 2015
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