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The name "Brianna" means that the girl is very beautiful, intelligent, and talented. A person with the name Brianna is amazing at writing and singing. They typically are amazing friends and they care about others. Everyone wants to be friends with a girl with the name Brianna.
A Brianna is always a perfect person.
Person: I need a Brianna!
by Marylittlelamb October 23, 2013
2 1
A girl who is nice, talented, pretty, book-smart, and street-smart. She can sometimes be a handful, but otherwise she is a great person. She is always there for her friends and family.
Skye: OMG! I totally just met a Brianna today!
Chad:You are so nice! Is your name Brianna?
by Summer Wright December 30, 2013
1 1
The name means strong and noble. She's usually short, confident, goofy, and loud. She has many friends and a great body. Although she normally has many friends she can also be independent. She's a very trustworthy person who loves to talk. People really trust her opinion and confine in her.
*See's group of girls and hears laughter*
Boy: "Here comes Brianna"
by jordan phizzle January 14, 2013
2 2
THe girl who is always giggly round her friends(: loves music! that dorky, fun, short black girl(: has big boobs
You see that girl over there!? thats Brianna!
by Loveelovee December 05, 2011
16 19
One who smiles too often. She gets high easily, and when she does, she acts like an extremely crazy crackhead. Her enjoyment comes out of running away from creeps, and slapping big, "above-average" dicks. A very fun, easy-going person. Hangs around perverted people whom she likes to whore around with.
Man I'd like to befriend that Brianna.. I'd let her slap mine all day.
by Jonsieriantrevtina November 28, 2011
14 28
A loud, cute girl who is often the life of the party. She knows she can get what she wants but guys often seen right through her. Often gets along best with anyone named Tanis or Reah.
Brianna is the shit!
by TLCXX February 09, 2010
54 78
fat, ugly, all of the things that you wouldn't want to be, annoying, mean, bossy, never gonna get married or even have a boyfriend, never gonna have any friends, Jiggly, and you know...
Boy 1: I know Brianna likes me
Boy 2: What are you gonna do about it
Boy 1: I'll send a special request to the president that says to use his army to kill her. Oh, and I forgot 1 more thing, I will make her step on a LEGO!!!
Boy 2: Are you crazy!!! You should make her walk 1,000,000,000,000 miles on legos....

Boy 1: Oh yeah, I feel so stupid!
by idkjgoidjgruojk November 10, 2013
4 28