Brianna is that person that you always think about, always wishing you were there to be with her. A girl that you could only be the luckiest guy in the world to have her call you her boyfriend. Very beautiful, unbelievably great personality, and someone very easy to get along with. You would be very wrong and dumb to not fall for a girl like this.
Couldn't be happier to have Brianna as my girlfriend :) yoho
by Brinnakitty December 10, 2012
A nice short girl that is good at volleyball and sports. She is very smart and sociable ;D
Hi Brianna
by anonymous :O May 26, 2012
The most beautiful girl in the world. Brianna highly values her friends. She is very sweet, nice, and noble. Brianna is the kind of girl that every boy chases after.
Jake: Dude I'm in love with Brianna!
Nick: Me too.
by Arthur, King of the Britians March 18, 2013
Brianna is a very funny girl who strives for adventure. She may seem quiet and shy, but once you get to know her she is rebellious and funny. She has a great sense of humor and will get far in life. She's a very smart girl, who deserves a great guy. She's a pretty girl and no one should tell her otherwise. She will always be a friend you'll remember and will always cherish your memories with her. She's a very talented musician and inspires other people to play as well.
That girl on the cello is sick! You know, it must be Brianna!
Haha hey that was pretty funny Brianna!
by ericasoccer1028 May 25, 2012
The best friend anyone can have. She may be dumb, but she is so amazingly gorgeus! She makes funny jokes and sounds with her mouth. I love her so much! :)
I wish that girl was a Brianna!
by JennaRator May 01, 2011
Brianna Miles is the girl i married today
Josh, I married that Brianna today.
by olgothorp December 06, 2010
A loud, cute girl who is often the life of the party. She knows she can get what she wants but guys often seen right through her. Often gets along best with anyone named Tanis or Reah.
Brianna is the shit!
by TLCXX February 09, 2010

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