Brianna is a very funny girl who strives for adventure. She may seem quiet and shy, but once you get to know her she is rebellious and funny. She has a great sense of humor and will get far in life. She's a very smart girl, who deserves a great guy. She's a pretty girl and no one should tell her otherwise. She will always be a friend you'll remember and will always cherish your memories with her. She's a very talented musician and inspires other people to play as well.
That girl on the cello is sick! You know, it must be Brianna!
Haha hey that was pretty funny Brianna!
by ericasoccer1028 May 25, 2012
A girl who is the queen of drama queen's is very beautiful and a girl you can count onto tell secrets to.
now lets bow to brianna the queen of drama queen's
by branna the pinky February 03, 2010
A nice short girl that is good at volleyball and sports. She is very smart and sociable ;D
Hi Brianna
by anonymous :O May 26, 2012
The most beautiful girl in the world. Brianna highly values her friends. She is very sweet, nice, and noble. Brianna is the kind of girl that every boy chases after.
Jake: Dude I'm in love with Brianna!
Nick: Me too.
by Arthur, King of the Britians March 18, 2013
Brianna Miles is the girl i married today
Josh, I married that Brianna today.
by olgothorp December 06, 2010
The most beautiful girl you will EVER meet, she is usually very shy & quiet, but once you get past that...she can be down to earth, funny, and sometimes even annoying. She sticks up for her friends, even if it means putting her pride on the line, and can be the best girlfriend you ever had, because she is compassionate...but wears her heart on her sleeve. She might be self conscious...and sometimes awkwardly creepy, but don't let that stop you from getting to know her...because she is a pretty cool girl.
John: That Brianna chick is pretty weird right?
Paul: Nahh Bro...she's chill, you dont even know her.
by Jeffie Brown February 09, 2014
The name "Brianna" means that the girl is very beautiful, intelligent, and talented. A person with the name Brianna is amazing at writing and singing. They typically are amazing friends and they care about others. Everyone wants to be friends with a girl with the name Brianna.
A Brianna is always a perfect person.
Person: I need a Brianna!
by Marylittlelamb October 23, 2013

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