The best girl in the world. Being the best friend you could ever have, and a hopeless romantic, she is the most amazing person to have in your life. If you are sad, or have a problem, she will give you the best advice on how she would solve, or fix, said problem. Very honest and straight forward, but she is the best person to ask for an opinion. If you need a friend, a Brianna is the way to go.
"Brianna told me that I was beautiful today, I love her so much"
by Tiannah December 26, 2011
the most beautiful president you will EVER see (:
you'll never be able to forget her :D

these are true statements.
i love brianna (:
by macie<3 August 30, 2008
Brianna is a word that means a sex beast. Beautiful, hott, stunning...
Kim: Brianna is hott.
Fantashia: I know she's bangin'!
by Manny Smith March 08, 2009
A smart individual who can hold her head up high. She is always looking for fun and an adventure. She is surrounded by friends and family and knows what true beauty is. She isn't afraid to stand up for her beliefs.
When i grow up i want to be just like Brianna
by iamunwritten23 March 12, 2010
A great person. She is innovative, intelligent, and hilarious. People love her. Everyone wants to be her valentine!
Jim: Do you have a valentine?
Sam: Yeah Brianna. She is the best girl in the world!
Jim: LUCKY!!
by Bf7991 February 14, 2012
THE sexiest and awesomest person in the world! no homo! she has tons of friends...and if u mess wit her lets just say u got it comin! (she will mess u up!)

ps-if ur reading this and have a myspace and wanna meet brianna then go to this link-
karisa: im so jealous of brianna she so pretty!

luis: i kno mayne like she so flippin fine dawg she down rite SEXY!
by spanish name-isabela September 17, 2008
A sweet kind person, With much potential in life.
Has amazing eyes and a great persinality. Has an amzing body as well.
Boy's love her but she is easly hurt.
she's a very hard worker andis afraid of dissapoint someone.
She is a loyal friend and an amazing person.
me: dude brianna's got a banging booty.
friend: i know and shes so amazing to
by gingerale lady fox August 15, 2011

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