She is the best friend anybody could possibly ask for. She's always there for you, and ready and willing and able to make you feel better. She's very loyal, and will always stay true to her friends. If a guy is lucky enough to have her, he's one lucky dude. Whoever is her best friend is pretty much just as lucky. Whenever you're feeling down, some random funny memory with her will pop into your head and make you smile. Just being around her automatically puts you in a good mood no matter what. You can trust her with anything, and she knows "don't tell anybody" means "don't tell anybody". It's hard to get her trust, but once you have it, it's amazing. Any type of close relationship with her is awesome, whether it's best friend, boyfriend or anything else. Being her friend is like having a sister. She gives great advice, and is always very honest. She's funny and sweet. She is beautiful, whether or not she chooses to believe you when you tell her that. She's weird and crazy, but that's why you end up loving her. She's an amazing musician, and always wants to get better no matter how good she already is. She's a strong Christian, and don't say otherwise unless you wish to suffer the consequences. Don't mess with her, because multiple ninjas will come out of the shadows, and you will disappear, and will never be found again. In short, she's amazing, and you will always cherish her.
Jon: "I'm so mad"
Brianna: "Why?"
Jon: "I failed English..again."
Brianna: "Aw well you'll do better next time. Stop beating yourself up. Think about me laughing at chickens earlier."
Jon: "You always know how to make me feel better" *hug*
by spydersix March 11, 2013
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Someone who is hot, nice,tappable, sexy, and a great girlfriend! she is great at sports and is very very hot!
travis; yo Brianna is FINE!
Andrew: yeah id tapp her
travis no shit!
by Travis 78u78 January 04, 2008
*Wow, where do i even begin with this, "word?" She is an amazing listener and great friend! She really knows how to make awkward silences go away and be the loudest in the room, but also has a nice soft side. She is an amazing, loyal, outgoing, GORGEOUS, different, and the list goes on and on about how wonderul and great she is. She isn't fake. If she doesn't like you, she doesn't like you and she won't be fake to you or talk about you. But when she likes you, she loves and gives all of the respect you deserve. She is really fun to be with, but never do homework with her! She'll distract you the whole time with the latest gossip. She is sooo funny, aswell! :PP I lovee this girl, Brianna, and if you don't know a Brianna, meet one! You are missing out on a great and wonderful and BEAUTIFUL girl.(:
Wow, my friend is just like a Brianna.
by KitKat(: December 06, 2010
An extremely beautiful girl who laughs a lot. A Brianna is always a very nice person and an amazing girlfriend.
She is always protected by a Cameron, so don't fuck with her, or else a ninja will come after you with his extreme ninja skills.
dude, I told you not to mess with Brianna, now that ninja is going to kick your ass.
by Ninja from Caribou April 27, 2009
A nice, kind-hearted girl, some what stubborn but is also straight-forward. She does worry about friends, and sometimes people she doesn't know. She is caring, and has been known to put things before herself, she is a good friend. And if she has a boyfriend, she stays with him, and is happy with him.
Richard: "Brianna, is such a nice person."
Chad: "Yeah I wouldn't mind being friends with her."
by Fayte Black February 03, 2010
A girl that is beautiful and stunning.
Jeo: DAYUMMM!!!!!! Look at that Brianna ova there!!!
Devonte: Chea man i need to get me one of those!
by Jeovannee August 11, 2008
A girl with a great personality, great facial feautures, and a BANGING body which she knows how to work, and very talented....In other words THE perfect female
Why do they call brianna the sun......because she's so hot
by craymister July 09, 2009
The sweetest name in the english language. A woman with this name has the most beautiful eyes in the world. She also has the cutest little smile. Her gorgeous long hair is so soft against your skin. Her personality is so unique that it makes the attraction to Brianna even stronger. She always knows how to make you feel better when you are down. Give this girl your heart and she will never destroy it.
Oh poo. Brianna is here and she will never be let go from my heart.
by your1andonly March 29, 2011

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