The prettiest girl in the world.
Woah, that girl is so pretty her name must be Briana.

Guy 1: Dude, have you seen the girl in biology? She is so pretty!

Guy2: yeah that's Briana.
by 4everstaybeautiful January 08, 2010
Everyone knows Briana. If you don't know Briana, then Briana knows you. If Briana doesn't know you, then you know Briana. Characteristics: Has many connections, is extremely overpowered, intelligent, and popular, and is pretty much a Mary Sue without the annoying part
About Briana:
An intelligent and capable junior in high school, she is looking toward a very bright future. Briana is very well known throughout, well, everywhere. She spars regularly with her good friend Chuck Norris and is popular for achievements such as solving the chicken-egg paradox, making the best ICEEs in history while on a field trip in Russia with her class from Ouran High School, and saving multiple universes from interuniversal tyranny. Two other good friends of hers are Hayley Williams and the Batman, whom she simply calls "Bruce."
"How did she get so good at tennis so fast? And she's friends with everyone, too. Who does she think she is, Briana?"
"So let me get this straight. Briana single-handedly took out a terrorist group, flew back over here to receive a medal of honor, and then went to go get a smoothie with you? That girl is something else."
"You know Briana, right? Of course you do; everybody knows Briana."
"You know Briana, too? How'd you meet Briana?"
"So we were at Ingles the other day, and guess who we saw as the cashier. Briana!"
"One does not simply stand a chance against Briana."
"That bitch Briana is too Op."
by The Other Anon January 15, 2013
A girl who trusts everyone with stuff except her boyfriend. She loves him but doesn't trust him with things such as pictures. She's very forgetful and sleeps a lot. But she is the most beautiful girl ever. She deserves the perfect guy (preferably white). She is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Although she is a pain in the ass, she is definitely worth it.
Briana is the best girl ever.
by sndmepics June 30, 2014
A beautiful sweet girl who loves a good Carson(:
Briana is awesome!
by mexicano98 December 05, 2010
a fly ass bitch who looks good wherever she is seen. often spotted with multiple hot friends and can be seen at local dunkin donuts making plans with everyone that never go through resulting in hours of talking and doing nothing. she loves her bronzer and marlboro menthol lights or whatever cigarettes are cheaper at the moment. briana is down to drink alcoholic beverages any day at any hour, and favors an alcoholic energy drink called four locos and captain morgan spiced rum. this tiny girl packs a big mouth and an even bigger clan and watch out because they get viscious. may sometimes have trouble swallowing the amount of spit in her mouth due to fast talking and may result in some drooling. this bitch is so fucken fun and life would be so boring without this little ball of sunshine!
*that bitch is drunk of her ass and drooling slightly, she must be a briana.

*that briana is sitting in the dunkin donuts parking lot putting on bronzer and smoking menthol cigarettes

*she must be a briana because her and her clan of hot friends are ready to crack some fucken skulls
by bk1220 April 09, 2010
Another way of spelling"Brianna",Or "Bryanna".
Briana is another world for a mexican Ho.
Briana is a girl who everyone likes.She usually looks like a Feminine Version of a Guy.She has Pretty eyes,nice hair,nice boobs and a cute ass With some sweet legs.
If she was to wear a tank top with some shorts,she would look like a briana.
Boy #1:Damn,Look at that girl!She reminds me of a briana!
Boy #2:Dude,she IS A Briana.Look at that ass!
Boy 1#:*Nods head*
by ThereaperofReapness April 17, 2009
The coolest most famous white chick around. She skatesboard and listening to punk rock! She's ohhh so cool.
The new girl is such a Briana!
by civic June 10, 2005

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