The Most Adventurous Person You Will Ever Meet.
Kind, Funny, Sweet, Beautiful, And Can Brake a Bone With People When She Needs To. She Is Very Out-Spoken And Has An Out Going Personality, You Will Fall In Love With Her Sense Of Humor. Very Athletic, Fit, In Shape, HOT, And Pretty. Will Be Stuck On Your Mind For a Long Period Of Time. You'll Never Find Someone Quite Like Her.
Boy 1: "Who's That Girl?"
Boy 2: "Thats My Girlfriend Briana. She's Beautiful Isn't She?"

Boy 1: "Yeah, She's Hot. How'd You Hook Up With That?"
Boy 2: "Doesn't Matter How, She's Mine. I Love Her And She Loves Me. Get Over It"

Boy 1: "Iqqht Nigga Damn"
Boy 2: "Yeah Thats Right, Be Jealous!"

by Im Different August 12, 2010
the most gorgeous, amazing, perfect, cute, outgoing, funny, charming, sweet, sexy, nice, caring, beautiful girl in the world. she is always there for you no matter what the situation is. the guy who is with her is the luckiest most happiest person alive. she loves you for who you are no matter what. Briana is beautiful no matter what and does NOT need to put any make up on. no matter what she is wearing she is always jaw dropping.
The guy going out with Briana is sooooo luckyy, shes soo gorgeous." "i know..i wish i was him.
by redsoxfan1134 June 20, 2011
Of Gaelic origin meaning Fortitude and Strength. Also, perhaps, the most beautiful young woman on the planet.
Je ne connais pas de personne aussi belle que Briana.
by Sinbad The Sailor February 03, 2010
briana is a pretty cool chick. usually short and violent but cute and sweet at the same time. brianas are random and love picking on people and being big ol meanies. enjoy big things. mezmorized by shiny things and things that make noise. makes animal noises a lot and sniffs or touches people... A LOT. listens to cool bands like patd, bc13, tbs, botdf and a bunch of others. LOVES singing but never admits it. gets turned on by "knives and pens" by black veil brides (dont blame her, that songs orgasmikkk) has only 3 real friends and will do almost anything for them. is an amazing guitarist, bassist, or drummer but dosent know it yet. usually falls for joshes,brendans,justins,jordons,nathans, names of that sort. did i mention cute??? =] looks innocent but will fuck a bitch up
briana* bumps into some chick*
chick: hey watch it!!!!
briana: sorry
chick: better be little bitch
briana: what muthafuckaa!!!! *kicks ass* ya bitch
by mz.wafflekinzzzzz April 22, 2010
Briana is really simply put... a cool chic. One of the coolest you'll ever meet. She has a great sense of humor, but don't let that fool you. She looks small and nice but knows how to handle her own. Briana has the tendency to be bossy; just a little bit. She's ambitious, smart, very attractive, and you'll be glad to know here. She'll leave you wanting more.

Briana likes wings, corn on the cob, and Shoes!
Briana, that girl is bossy.
Did you see Briana? She was shoe shopping while asking that guy to buy her wings.
by nomnomdom March 30, 2011
Briana is a great friend and is beautiful inside and out! Can be insecure but that is because people always hate on her cuz she is so dang pretty!! But usually is very confident and don't let what other people think bring her down. Briana's are super smart and have awesome personalities. Briana's are super sweet and never judge and someone you can always talk to and trust.
"Ugh she is so pretty. Who is that?
"That is Briana."

"I trust Briana with my life."
by NERD99 March 17, 2013
The name Briana means strength. Briana's do not even know that they are beautiful, that is also why they don't have to wear makeup. Totally awesome, very random, adventurous, smart yet uber gullible at times. They have fiery personalities and more importantly fabulously fantastic music tastes. Can be hard on the outside, but beauty and love are under that. Intelligent, talented, kind, very giving, outgoing girls who love to smile, and that smile attracts heaps of guys. Brianas are suckers for love and fall in love easy. They like all junk food especially cookies and cake. They are great friends who love their friends back. They are always there for you, no matter what and love you for who you are. They hate to disappoint people and are super funny while they always look at the bright sides if things. If you know a Briana give her a hug, she is amazing.
*Hears the name Briana - Faints because so Amazing*
by B.Yea.Lol July 22, 2014
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