Brianas are hot, with great bodies, usually italian or black. The kind of guys brianas are attracted to are older men, (20smaybe 30s) and will do anything to find the right guy... shes a player whos been played, and is always trying to find the right guy and the seconds she doubts its him, she dumps him. Usually not very ambitiouse, but has alot of friends, loooooooves music and guys who play instraments or who are in bands, and has a rouph life and past with her famly issues... she also likes guys name:quinn, jake,john,johnny,jack,joeseph,maxton,or sometimes chris ... etc....
g1:Dude shes hot!

g2:yeah but her personalities great too...<3

g1:you know her?

g2:yeah her names briana
by <3<3Queen<3<3 July 25, 2012
Top Definition
the most awesome person ever who doesnt have to wear makeup and will literally fuck u up if you do as much as try to push her down the bleachers. they are the best people ever.
Big Patty- I almost pushed briana down the bleachers.
Briana- wtf did u say bitch?
by youuu knoowww October 15, 2008
A girl who is outgoing and loves to smile.She is always trying to help her friends in any way she can.She is smart yet can be gullible at times.
Person:That girl is always smiling, she is such a Briana.
by #1chica May 27, 2009
female version of Brian which means strength. Strength of character as well as emotionally and physically strong. Briana is a woman who does not even know the beauty that she bestows upon you when she smiles. Fiery personality. Can be hard on the outside, but beauty and love are under that shell. Intelligent, talented, kind and very giving. Briana may not know who she is yet, but her name will guide her in the correct direction.
guy : She is so strong, can you believe her?
girl : Yeah, she is going through alot, but she is Briana.

guy 1: Did you see her smile?
guy 2: Who can miss a smile like that, it is sooo Briana.
guy 1: Do you think she knows that it has such an effect on people?
guy 2: Nope. There is the beauty of it all.

girl: I wish I had a brain like Briana. She is so intelligent and talented.
guy: Yeah, she has an inner strength and good character, too.
by word goddess February 02, 2010
The girl who is sugar coated outside but on the inside is a tangy,crunchy puma just waiting to be unleashed. She can sometimes be called an oreo because she "acts" like a white girl but when she is pissed the word nigga,bitch,and asswhole are close to the only words comming out of her mouth. She is a sucker for love and uber gullible at all times
Briana , I love life and everyone in it except that bitch ass nigga
by the_ping_for_your_pong April 10, 2009
a beautiful woman who doesn't know it yet.always happy and delightful to be around. although she picks shitty boyfriends she falls in love easy. shes tough on the outside but shes a big softee on the inside. only if your nice.her best friend also doesn't realize that shes in love with him.she just doesn't show it.
hey is that briana?
whos briana?
by dearme95 October 05, 2009
girl with the body of a stripper who doesn't like that everyone else is taller than her.
guy: "Woah stripper pants, you should try to gain some height."

girl: "Yeah whatever tall person. Hope you fall and die."

guy: "Damn, she's such a briana."
by Jon Zimmerman June 18, 2008
A very loving kind girl who hates to disappoint people. Briana's are super funny and always looking to the bright side of things. Briana's can be very insecure sometimes but like always finds a way to be positive about it. Briana's are great friends and will always be there for you no matter what. If you know a briana give her a hug because she is amazing(:
by giggles12349 November 30, 2011
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