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Briana Harris is a very nice girl. She is usually quiet, but around friends she can get very loud. She is very close to her friends and takes relationships very seriously. Briana is very random and enjoys many different things. She loves to be herself and not go with the crowd. She is a leader. Her name is pronounce Bri-aw-nuh. People call her Bri if they keep getting her name wrong. She loves her girlfriend.

She's just plain awesome.
"Hey Bri"
"Hey! How have you been doing?"
*Briana Harris leaves*
"Wow she's really nice"
by jb_junkies July 09, 2009
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She is a very mean person. Does not like children, puppies, or kittens. Hates people in general. And her smells may vary.
Person: "Hey, want to go to the mall with me?"
Briana Harris: "No bitch, I hate yo' ass"
by LovelyGirl1234567890 June 27, 2012

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