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a mix of brian kinney's name and justin taylor's from the tv show Queer as Folk.
*after a very intense sex scene*
Brian: I... only... have... one question... after were married...will you still... blow me?
Justin: That depends.. if you still fuck me in every room of.. what are we going to call it? Bri-Tin.
Brian: Bri-Tin.
Justin: It's amazing.
Brian: I wouldnt go that far.
by QueerAsFolkLover April 12, 2008

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someone who drinks a 40 in under five minutes so he doesn't have to take his birth control while doing ballet...
"Wow... he's drinking as fast as a britin, he's probably thinking about bangin' tonight."
by Don't Tell Me My Bidniss January 29, 2009