A herd of remotely operated drones, that deliver beer and bourbon shots (but only good bourbon) to great apes. They usually travel in groups of 5 or more. The brew ha-ha breed is know for its capacity to achieve sustained loads of 16oz. Although they can be found anywhere in the world, they tend to congregate in the Black Rock desert towards the end of Aug. then, spontaneously disperse around the 1st week of Sep.
Look, the brew ha-ha's are back this year. Let's see if they will deliver a bourbon shot
by Moad'dib May 29, 2013
See beer, or road sodas.
Hell yeah man, toss me another brewhahas i'm not drunk yet.
by Andrew Stump August 30, 2005
A good time or party that involves the extensive drinking of brew(beer)
the keg stand contest is about 2 start at the brewhaha
by krizzy February 22, 2003
the act of taking a large hit of grade-A sinsemilla and then drinking an ice cold beer from a bottle so that the beer displaces the smoke in your mouth/throat and enters the beer bottle. The person performing the brewhaha then has to hit the smoke coming out of the beer bottle and clear it.
1: Why is Tom passed the fuck out?
2: He did 3 brewhahas in a row.
1: Bawl.
by Poonstar December 26, 2008
a word that means nothing but also everything it just replaces other words and its fun as shit to say
"wow your looking pretty brewhaha today girl."
"dude do you smell that brewhaha its fucking sick"

"did you see the brewhahas on that girl over there !"
"can you toss me the brewhaha for the t.v."
"damn it sprint has the most brewhaha service in the world i keep dropping calls "
by johny weeping wiliow July 04, 2009
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