Best girlfriend ever, amazingly beautiful and smart. Fun to be around. Makes you laugh. Good sense of humor. Likes Nathan Gerau. Nice, really pretty. Says random things. Likes the Alabama football team, and really pretty!!! :)
by Ncgerau09 March 28, 2013
Top Definition
Extremely beautiful in the inside. Outside can be beautiful too, but the inside shines.

Artistically talented and very smart. Can master any task she chooses, once she chooses it. Loves cats. Can be the most loyal friend you will ever have. Very funny. Very real, no pretense. She can wow you.
Brettlyn can make awesome Halloween costumes.
by PPGA September 01, 2012
A stuck up bitch who has a fucking fat ass and is a dirty whore who is fugly
Eww she is so a brettlyn
by Luke Watmanchew October 15, 2008

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