Future Hall of Fame quarterback and three time NFL Most Valuable Player Brett Favre has angered many fans and supporters with his frequent talks of retirement. In fact, Favre has successfully retired and unretired many times and all sports media outlets have spent a lot of time covering his inability to make and stick to a decision. It is this wavering that created this infamous term.

Commonly used when one person out of a group cannot seem to make a decision and this inability to make a decision hinders the forward progress of the group.
"Just order something off the menu. What are you Brett Favre?" Also acceptable: "Brett Favre-ing" ... Example: "Noah can never seem to make up his mind when we go shoe shopping. He's always Brett Favre-ing!"
by KJtheGreat August 22, 2009
(v) To insert a females nipple into the tip of the penis.
Oh baby, I love when you Brett Favre me like that.
by team_eid November 17, 2009
/bret farv/ adjective

Something yelled out by a Call Of Duty online multiplayer when he throws a frag or semtex grenade a very long distance (a long bomb) and by pure luck it kills an enemy. It is more appropriate if the grenade falls in an area with two, three, or even four other players in it, even if they are teammates. This is referring to legendary quarterback Brett Favre, who was not shy about throwing the football into double, triple, or even quadruple coverage, and sometimes out of pure luck, the throw would actually work out. It also refers to a comedy skit by Dave Chappelle in which people yell out a sports star’s name prior to duplicating an act they are famous for.
“Brett Favre! I don’t know how but my random frag just killed somebody on the other side of the level. Sweet.”
by PDX Pilot 1 November 03, 2013
the act of flirting but not cheating on your spouse by sending naked pics of your self and letting the mistress know that you've got bad intentions tonight via text message.
Marcus, "I just sent that hoe a pic of what she's gonna get later on tonight"

Riley " Bro, why are cheating on ur wife like that?"

Marcus " that aint no cheating,i'm just gettin my brett favre on. i aint sleeping with that dirty ass money grabbing hoe. If i wanted to cheat, i woulda gone Tiger Woods on her."
by bfavre4 January 12, 2011
The idea of getting a blowjob! especially from ESPN every day until number 4 retires and Tim Tebow takes over that role!
I just got the sloppiest Brett Favre from your mama!
by Brett Favre #4 Vikings November 11, 2010
The sexual act of taking your right testicle and placing it in your partners butt with such force that it breaks their fingers.
Did you hear greg pulled a Brett Favre on jessica.

Ya, she's still questionable for sunday.
by footballsexnamer August 20, 2010
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