During rear-entrance intercourse; the act of removing the penis from the vagina and then re-inserting it and then re-removing the penis and once again re-inserting it just prior to ejaculation while simultaneously throwing a fist pump and high fiving your partner.
This whore I was banging thought I was done but I decided to throw in the Brett Favre just for kicks.
by Kona Gold September 04, 2009
Former NFL quaterback who takes alot of shit from people just beacause he's a legend in the NFL. While playing for the Green Bay Packers, he acheived almost every QB record possible, including most touchdowns thrown and most yards thrown. Often portrayed as "shit", Favre has played through immense emotional and physical pain, while winning MVP 3 times and having won one super bowl. Any human who would refer to Favre as crap is just jealous that they're team didn't have a franchise QB for the last 17 years.
Ignorant fan: wow Brett Favre threw another interception, what a hunk of shit

Packer fan: yeah, he has 2 interceptions to go along with his 6 touchdowns in this game, hey, isnt this your favourite team thats down 40 points against him?

Ignorant fan: no... *cries inside*

Packer fan: Damn, another MVP season, Favre really tore it up this year.

Chargers fan: Oh yeah? Wait til we draft Ryan Leaf!

Vikings fan: that Favre guy really pisses me off, i really wish i could have him on the vikings, i heard the other day that our punter was competeing with Tavaris Jackson for starting QB job, darn, atleast we have Adrian peterson, he'll bring us to the super bowl, as long as the punter can hand off the ball to him.

Packer fan: you can have our washed up kicker, do you feel better now?
by J L17 March 02, 2009
To send sexual pictures to someone. Came into popular usage after Brett Favre allegedly sent nude pics to Vikings cheerleader Jenn Sterger.
He totally brett favre'd her but won't admit the pics were of his ugly ass.
by roughrider22 October 21, 2010
Simultaneously being the best and worst at something.
Brett Favre holds the record for the most touchdowns ever, but also holds the record for the most interceptions. Loser.
by foxch October 08, 2009
An unsolicited picture of your penis sent via text or email
1. I sent her my "Brett Favre" and she loved it!

2. I iphoned her my "Brett Favre" and she totally slapped me with a restarining order
by Onizen January 17, 2011
The act of sending a dick pic through a text.
Sarah: I just got a Brett Favre from Josh!

Alex: What the hell are you talking about?

Sarah: He sent me a picture of his dick like Brett Favre did!!
by frat_star October 24, 2010
Synonym of bad fart; he just doesn't go away.
Brett Favre really is like a bad fart, he said he would retire for the past 3 years!
by all the others are chosen February 07, 2011

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