(v) To insert a females nipple into the tip of the penis.
Oh baby, I love when you Brett Favre me like that.
by team_eid November 17, 2009
An old dried up quaterback who won't retire even though he sucks, and a crybaby.
Did you see Brett Favre is going to come out of retirement for the second year in a row.
by brady171 May 07, 2009
a once great football player for the green bay packers. he is now a minnesota viqueen(viking). he is also very indeciesive. thats why the packers gave up on him and took aaron rodgers. i was ok with him on the jets in 2008 but not on the vikings. WHAT THE FUCK BRETT?
i saw Brett Favre get his ass whooped by the packers the other day.
by 'brett' favre November 01, 2009
a piece of shit from an anus hole.
dude i destroyed that toilett.

oh shit! thats one big brett favre!

by patty bman September 15, 2008
Running at a partner, and leaping so that your crotch is in the face of your partner, essentially teabagging your partner's face, a la one of Brett Favre's touchdown celebrations.
3rd and 8 from the 22...Brett Favre, drops back, looks left, a throw to the back of the end zone.....AND DRIVER HAS IT! Favre leaps into the face of his offensive lineman!
by BSH2MSU October 07, 2007
Except to nothing knowing football fans, most wisconsinites, mississippians, and packer fans, one of the most overrated players in NFL history. Yes he's thrown more touchdowns, and yards than anyone before, but its not that hard when you started every single game since your second year for 16 years(and throwing too much), and no thats not resilience, thats just luck not getting hurt. Playing with a broken thumb doesnt count, it doesnt even hurt. OOOH BOOO HOO a thumb! To add to that, he broke the all-time interception record of George Blanda. Guess how long he played? 26 years. Not kidding, it took brett 9 years less to break it. To add, people think its awesome that he played after his dad died, if you know brett favre and his stubbornness(evident now in the recent packer vs favre case), you know he only played because he wanted to keep his streak going. Dumbass arrogant packer fans think hes the greatest quarterback ever, when he's not. I'll give him top 10. Yes his stats are good(minus being the INT King), but after players retire, they are remembered for winning, not stats. His .500 record in superbowls(1-1) is pathetic compared to Montana's(4-0), Bradshaw's(4-0), or even Brady's(3-1). People also praise him for winning 3 straight MVP's. It's not 3, its actually 2 1/2, due to the fact that his third, he split it with Barry Sanders, barry just gave it to him. Some packer fans even mistake others for him, i've personally witnessed it, thats how dumb they are. All in all, brett favre is nothing but a overrated, over-throwing, a little above average quarterback in the NFL who should stay retired and keep modeling for his hick, wrangler jeans.
1:Dumbass Packer Fan: HEY! thats brett favre!

Intelligent Sport Fan: No thats not. That's Steve McNair.

2: Person #1: Who should i draft in my fantasy football draft? I go #7 overall.

Dumbass Packer Fan: Draft Brett Favre! He's gonna be a beast this year!

Person #1: That might be a good idea

Intelligent Sport Fan: you're kidding right?! haha, i'd rather draft Ryan Fitzpatrick

#3 Arrogant packer fan: I really hope brett favre doesnt retire.

Intelligent Sports fan: why not? hes an old, washed up piece of shit. Yeah he had a good season last year, but look at his weapons. Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Donald Lee, Ryan grant?! It's not that hard to be that good, he got pretty lucky too.

Arrogant Packer Fan: so? he basically makes the packers.

Intelligent sports fan: who gives a shit? wouldnt you rather win, and have a chance for the superbowl than to just have brett favre?

Arrogant packer fan: eh, prolly not. i love brett, i'd prolly blow him.

Intelligent sports fan: typical.
by luke lay July 17, 2008
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