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A day in the life of Bret Michaels.

Drink to 4 am on a Sunday morning. Walk home when the taxi doesn't arrive. Rest for a few hours. Get breakfast at 1 pm. Gamble a little. Then randomly hit up the strip club at 2 pm for a minimum of 3-hours. (I can't emphasize 'randomly' enough)

Wearing a Duke lacrosse t-shirt is optional but recommended.

At da club, when asked if you'd like a private dance, simply reply, "Not on Sundays."

Throw in a fist pump or two.

Make sure your bumper has been hit by a 3-tone car with expired tabs prior to leaving the parking lot.

This concludes a Bret Michaels Sunday
You'll never enjoy a Sunday as much as a Bret Michaels Sunday.

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