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A single sex school , also known as BSFG , located in Brentford , Boston manor, The majority of the teachers are well trained and organised. It's one of the schools in London that achieved a better Ofsted report within a few years , and our aim is to make our school successful and with excellent standards... lunch is great , but waiting in the queue can be a bit of a struggle... The school tries to make the students look as smart as possible... but the majority of the girls follow a very popular dress code ( that is not allowed tbh) , - pauls boutique bag , jacket ... basically everything on them is PB , with a pair of vans , not the smartest choice of things to wear to school! ... Older kids are usually okay if you get along with them , but the new comers ( year 7's ) can take along time to get used to because of their immature behaviour ... It's a multiculrual school , the races are spread out evenly.. the majority of the girls have a west london accent.. you get accepted in the school easily , but i assure you its a good school... uniform is black jumper , pink logo , with pink shirt , black trousers or knee length skirt, no makeup or nail varnish , and hijab must be black.
friend: so what you did you get in then , ey?

me: Brentford School for Girls ..

friend : OHH BSFG ... trussttt me , tat school is bangin , i'd wanna go in there anyday ...
by justsmile March 30, 2012
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