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A Brenteldorf is a human creature incapable of being social with people outside of the internet. Brenteldorfs are most likely to own blogs, facebook pages and youtube channels.
Normally a Brenteldorf whom owns something has an audience of 7000-8000 likers/followers.

Brenteldorfs normally moan about having no friends in real life, or anyone who understands them in real life.
They normally have some sort of pet (e.g: Cat, dog, bird) that they always talk about to their likers/followers.

Brenteldorfs normally are fame whores by saying shit like

"I have no friends #Foreveralone" or saying shit like "No one wants me but I don't care I got pugs" To get likers to say shit like "I would marry you bbyboi"
Brenteldorfs can be quite snobby towards their fans after they have created a large fanbase.
Person A: Trent has become a Brenteldorf.
Person B: What's that?
Person A: He has created a facebook page and has got quite a few likers, and he never seems to come outside anymore.
Person B: Yeah I have noticed him posting alot of pictures about him and his Pug and his cats.
by butters stotch August 20, 2012
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