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One who looks foward to the future, shy and sensitive, one who has a meaning in life, or does something to make mad others, one who doesnt like to be put under pressure, at times loves to be in the limelight, one who people envy, protctive of the ones she cares about.
That brenna is unselfish.
by HulaHula girl February 09, 2008
A beautiful and amazing girl who is usually always out of your league
Damn, she's a brenna, I don't have a chance.
by cheechbaby April 20, 2009
Name given to a person of female gender, generally at birth.
Some claim it means raven in Gaelic.
Brenna, would you like to go ice skating?
by Halfdone February 07, 2008
"I felt so...I dont know...Brenna... when I won that beauty pageant."
by computer room June 12, 2005
pretty straight hair brenna. always fun to be around. has lots of friends who love her. she also has an awesome house in which we have spas and bake cookies:) a verycutee laugh. goes more for the hot older guys. she is also veryNICE and goes out with guys because she felt bad for them. likes strange music and has tons of pairs of chucks!
" hey brenna lets go to your house today ;) "
"brennn goes out with that hot older dude"
by lavalamp. July 22, 2009
the best damn chick youll eve rmeet! for real she has your back no matter what you say! she has beautiful eyes and a killer body, but sometimes doesnt listen to you. You couls ask this shick a favor and without a doubt shed do it!
best friend ever brenna
by Jewwy1197 April 26, 2010
one who drinks and dances in cages
dude, lets go to the club, therell be lots of brennas
by lolnoob March 23, 2007
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