An action attention seekers do at all times. May get extremly annoying. also a term used for mooching.
Hey gimmi a brenna of that.
by Charley13 January 19, 2008
Name for a female girl,hot although sometimes shy.Laughs cute, nice ass,nice body. Sometimes Makes other girls mad.But still a guys dream
"Hey look at that hot girl, her name must be brenna"
by Meow Cow January 10, 2009
A beautiful, wonderful girl. Most if the time is feisty and fierce. Will stand up for what she thinks. Very emotional. Has black or dirty blonde hair with green eyes. In Gaelic, Brenna means "raven haired beauty." It's true Brenna is beautiful. Guys drool just thinking about her. A great singer and dancer. Is not afraid to speak her mind. A great pal.
Man, that girl is great at negotiation! She must be Brenna.
by iluvreadingbooks May 20, 2014
Is a pretty girl with straight blonde hair and blue eyes. Has many amazing friends. In the popular crowd. Thin, nice body and has many guys hitting on her. Doesn't like on-the-spot situations. Funny, cute and beautiful. Many guys secretly crush on her. Always makes people laugh!
I wish I could be a Brenna

Brenna is looking so beautiful today. I wish I could be a Brenna!
by ;luyutygb November 14, 2011
Someone who can make others mad, and she is very short-tempered but when it all comes down to it you can trust someone like her. She is a good friend to have and she is a pretty girl.
Brenna, go make me a sandwich!
by nesssa_2016 February 20, 2015
Very hot blonde. She will make you drool. She is sexy, shy, brilliant, and amazingly talented at singing and acting. She has blue eyes and deserves the best. She is a goddess!
Trevor: Look at her she is so hot she must be a Brenna
Sean: Damn, she is definitely a Brenna!
by therealesttruthwillbeknon June 03, 2014
Brenna is the best girlfriend anyone can ask for. she'll make you so happy. happier than you could ever imagine. shes easy to fall in love with. shes got a nice ass body. big boobs and a big butt. beautiful. pretty green eyes and a nice smile. most beautiful girl ever. likes to suck dick, and is amazing at it. nice tight pink pussy. great in bed, and kinky af. once youve got her, dont let her go, cause lots of guys want her, and if shes giving you a chance, you best treat her right. left me for a baseball player. likes sporty guys, can handle things on her own, independent. kinda whiney, but its cute, doesnt complain about much. isnt scared to say whats on her mind even if its weird. hangs out with more boys than girls. says girls cant be trusted. use to be the best thing thats ever happened to me.. now thats ever and my life SUCKS. dont screw up with her.... worst mistake ever. dont cheat, kinda a jealous girl, when she needs to be. likes guy who are funny, and sweet, as outgoing as she is, honest. HONESTY is key with her.
"you and brenna still together?"
"no she left my sorry ass for a baseball player"
"what a cleat chaser"
by kody adam bryson May 09, 2012
A slut
Not all are, just some
tend to be brunettes

She is such a Brenna
by MerpHerp June 18, 2013
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