An action attention seekers do at all times. May get extremly annoying. also a term used for mooching.
Hey gimmi a brenna of that.
#mooch #mooching #mooched #moocher #mooches
by Charley13 January 19, 2008
1. gaelic name given to a person of female gender; some claim it means 'raven' in gaelic. name for a girl, extremely hot. often has sexy straight hair, beautiful eyes. always fun to be around. has lots of friends who love her. great friend. brenna is very caring, always very protective of the ones she cares about. one who looks forward to the future, one who has a meaning in life. doesn't like to be put under pressure. though sometimes shy, a brenna also loves to be in the limelight. one who people envy; sometimes makes other girls mad. a brenna has a very cute laugh, has a nice ass, killer body. a brenna is every guy's dream.

2. one who drinks and dances in cages.

3. a beautiful and amazing girl who is usually always out of your league.

4. a very fun and awesome girl with a superhuman ability to wear and dance and do basically anything in shoes w/ a minimum heel of 5 in. (usually taller) for an unbelievably long amount of time, in any weather conditions.
"my god, look at her shoes; what a rockstar. her name must be brenna"
" hey look at that hot girl her name must be brenna"

"dude, lets go to the club, there'll be lots of brenna's dancing tonight"

"damn, she's a brenna, i don't have a chance."
#bren #sexy #ho shoes #awesome #beautiful #superhuman #fabulous #rockstar #hot #bitch #slut #sweet #great friend #generally amazing
by maeneptune April 19, 2010
The Best Friend a girl could have. if you ever get into fights she will still be there for you in the end. VERY Beautiful and FUN! outgoing and silly, always makes you laugh. You always wanna be around her! (:
Love You Brenna
Brenna is my Bestie(:
Brenna Is SOOO pretty!!!
I wish i was Brenna!
#brenna #pretty #awsome #bestie #amazing
by LoveMyBestieBrenna June 16, 2011
Is da shit. Very pretty, very strong, rejected by the jealous but loved by many. Strong minded & does not put up with bull shit. Very sexy, & wanted to be tapped my many.
Dude, that girl is a total Brenna.
#bootyliscious #sexyback #jealousbug #secretlyblack #loveable
by AlbertFreakingEnstein August 05, 2011
brenna's an amazingly talented girl. she loves volleyball, basketball, and soccer. and she's amazing at all of them. she's got brown hair that is beautiful both when curled or just straight. she's really funny and she knows how to have fun. she loves doing random things. she's usually friends with a megan and a bree. she's incredibly pretty but doesn't always see it. she's kind and includes everyone. she loves animals. she's classy and aways has something cute on. people often tell her she has a getto booty. she spends a lot of her time over at other peoples houses and she has a habit of keeping tons of clothes and shoes in her locker. she doesn't like burdening others with her problems and she's really good at acting perfectly fine. so if she's dealing with a hard time you wouldn't even know unless you knew what to look for. she will listen to everything you have to say and if you need advice she's the person to go to. she's smarter than she thinks she is. she's uber protective of her friends and doesn't let others bag on them. if she has an opinion she'll tell you. and if you ask her something, she will tell you exactly what she thinks. even if it's not always what you want to hear. she's a true friend. she's like a sister to me. if you're not friends her it's not because she's too good for you. she's doesn't care about how popular you are. and it's definatly not because you're too good for her. it's because your really dumb and can't see what an awesome person she is.
bree: do these shoes go good with this outfit?
brenna: nope. but i have a pair of white ones in my bag that would match perfectly.
bree: thanks!
brenna: no problem!
#kietzmann #gorgous #getto booty #beautiful #funny #honest #kind #my best friend
by yourpartnerinapplesaucemaking August 19, 2011
Brenna means 'Raven haired' and is of Irish decent.
Hey Brenna, what's your name mean?', 'Raven haired
#raven #haired #irish #name #decent
by Brenna..duh! July 18, 2010
Down to earth
Always makes me smile
Best girlfriend a guy could have
I love you, Brenna Sophia Alyse<3
#gorgeous #amazing #best #sophia #alyse
by Tj4yx December 23, 2011
A replacement for a bestfriend.
-"I need to find a Brenna."

-"Everyone has a Brenna."

-"Well, my best friend goes to a different school. So, I need to find a Brenna."
#brenna #brena #brana #bran #branflakes
by MartunaFish May 17, 2009
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