lead singer of panic at the disco, while also being a fucking sex god. (my body is ready)
friend 1: hey have you heard of this band, panic at the disco?
friend 2: omfg what do you mean have i heard of them they're perf and amazing and brendon urie is sexy and jshfkjhf asdfghjkl; hfjwh
by sarahsmileslikesarahdoesntcare March 18, 2013
An attractive lead singer of the band 'Panic At The Disco'
He is known for his talents in playing musical instruments and singing.
He can play the piano forte brilliantly.
Also famous for his large lips and butt.
girl: Brendon Urie is so talented!
boy: wish i could be like him!
by Sama_Panic January 03, 2009
Also known as brendon urine, breebreast urnie, etc etc., this is the man with the forehead from that one 'band' called Panic! At the Disco, or Brendon! At the Brendon.
Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross were together at some point, but Ryan left Brendon approximately 8 years after he joined Panic! At the Disco.
by danger.gays_ July 23, 2016
A smol little bean,sex god, and King Of Sass. Lead singer of Panic! At The Disco. He is 29 although he looks like 20. The funniest, hottest, and stupidest guy of all time. Loves weed and his wife Sarah.
OMG Brendon Urie Is so (fucking) hot!
via giphy
by Mrs.BrendonUrie July 27, 2016
Also known as 'brendon urine', the talentless, whiny, and pathetic hack of a lead singer who fronts the shitty pop band 'panic! at the disco'. The only people who think he's 'hawt' are 14 year old scene girls who tend to yell "OMFG LYKE BRANDAN URY IS SO HAWTZ". Also likes to put a lot of 'theatrics' in his music videos, making him seem even gayer. Of course, all the 'haters' are just jealous of this bullshit music.
Brendon Urie is a fucking worthless fag.
by Shadow Creator December 11, 2007
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