The hottest, sexiest, most amazing man in the entire universe. Sweet and cute and hyperactive and talanted. He can act, sing his face off, and plays 11 or so instruments. He is the frontman for the popular alternative band, Panic! at the Disco.
Friend 1: Did you go to the Panic! concert last week?
Friend 2: Yeah! Brendon Urie sang the best I've ever heard him!
Friend 3: Who's Brendon Urie?
Friend 2 tackles Friend 3 and punches their nose into a nub.
by Izbit January 01, 2010
A highly attractive musical genius. Also, the lead singer of Panic at the disco. A.K.A God.
Person1: What would the world be without Brendon Urie?

Person2: NOTHING.
by PanicSuiteheart April 05, 2009
Only the most gorgeous guy on this planet. Lead singer of panic at the disco. Amazing singer, did i mention he's absolutely gorgeous?
Hannah: OMG. I love panic at the disco, Brendon Urie is so hot.
Other Person: I KNOW!
by Hannahh Urie :) July 25, 2008
The hottest fucking man alive. With an amazing ass, voice, face and lips that make you wanna touch yourself.
Aly: OMG I love Brendon Urie so much, he has such amazing lips and the project that seductive voice.
Jude:I know right and did you see his ass as he walked off stage!
by Brenny's_girl June 22, 2010
a sexy musician in a band called Panic! At The Disco. Plays more instruments than you can name. Sweet, adorable, funny,unique. Has an amazing laugh♥
''oh, he's so cute, he could double for Brendon Urie.!''

'' 'Did you see Brendon Urie?' 'yeah, he sure is a cutie!' ''
by Bdenlove February 21, 2010
The amazingly-amazing singer (how the FUCK does he sing like that??) in Panic! At The Disco. I WANT TO SING LIKE HIM.

Also the star of numerous fanfics and drooled over by 13 year old girls. -eyerolls-
13 yr old girl: EWMAGAWD did you see Brendon Urie's eyeliner?!!1!!one!
Other 13 year old girl: Wow...his hair....i wanna touch...O.O
by GlassSlipper June 09, 2011
lead singer of panic at the disco, while also being a fucking sex god. (my body is ready)
friend 1: hey have you heard of this band, panic at the disco?
friend 2: omfg what do you mean have i heard of them they're perf and amazing and brendon urie is sexy and jshfkjhf asdfghjkl; hfjwh
by sarahsmileslikesarahdoesntcare March 18, 2013

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