Panic at the disco main singer!!! Where's eyeliner and of some few looks cute in it!!!! He sings songs with really really long titles!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kid one- Brendon Urie is sooooooooo cute in eyeliner.

Kid two- I know!

Kid one- He has such long titles of songs like: There's a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just havn't thought of it yet!

Kid- Even though the titles are long the songs are still AWSOME!!!!!!
by KlockamKloCol December 27, 2006
1. Vocalist/Keyboardist of the pop-rock band Panic! At The Disco, whom should be credited for his musical ability instead of his looks (or lack there of).

2. 19-year-old Las Vegas native; Mormon
Brendon Urie has a unique sense of style.
by Postmodern July 22, 2006
The hottest thing in the universe
with amazing lips
If men were steak, he would be filet mingon
"A more attractive baseball player. Lol. With good lips"
"His name is _______. His lips are like Brendon Urie's"
"Lie. HUGE LIE! no lips are like urie lips"
"No seiously. They're AMAZING"
"Who the hell is this imaginary person?"
"Not imaginary, just hot"
by Kadie-Lee May 30, 2008
A very hot guy and amazing singer. Lead singer in the band, Panic! At the Disco! Absolutely amazing. ?
Girl: Have you heard of Brendon Urie?
Girl 2: The lead singer on Panic! At the Disco!?
Girl: Yeah. Isn't he amazing??
Girl 2: I LOVE Brendon's voice.
Girl: He's cute, too. And a good dancer.
Girl 2: I like his sense of humor.
Girl: He's amazing.
Girl 2: I love him
by anneeabelleeleeandhearts; July 10, 2008
Full Name: Brendon Boyd Urie

Lead singer of Panic at the Disco.

Hes addicted to red bull.

Religion: He was raised morman, but decided that the religon wasnt for him.

Birthday: April 12, 1987

He attended Paolo Verde Highschool in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He has the nicest ass Ive ever seen.

Hes gorgeous, sensitive, funny, and has the most beautiful voice.

He makes silly faces.

His lips are AMAZING.

He plays many different instruments : the guitar, piano, and alot more.
me: "omg, look at that picture of Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco."

other person: "He's so hot when he makes those silly faces! And look at those lips and that ass!"
by jhdwgjkhbnfijewnik July 17, 2008
The INCREDIBLY good-looking and uber-hot lead singer of Panic at the Disco

Kid 1: Hey, who is that REALLY hot guy singing for Panic at the Disco?

Kid 2: That's Brendon Urie
by BBU and GRR lover July 27, 2008
Very adorable eighteen-year-old lead singer of panic! at the disco. Talented singer, and always well dressed.
Kid 1: Have you seen panic! at the disco's music video for "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"?
Kid 2: Yeah, Brendon Urie looks pretty cute dressed up like a ring leader.
by stealacceptance January 22, 2006

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