Also known as 'brendon urine', the talentless, whiny, and pathetic hack of a lead singer who fronts the shitty pop band 'panic! at the disco'. The only people who think he's 'hawt' are 14 year old scene girls who tend to yell "OMFG LYKE BRANDAN URY IS SO HAWTZ". Also likes to put a lot of 'theatrics' in his music videos, making him seem even gayer. Of course, all the 'haters' are just jealous of this bullshit music.
Brendon Urie is a fucking worthless fag.
#faggot #dumbass #panic #at #the #disco #sucks #fuck #you
by Shadow Creator December 11, 2007
Top Definition
The attractive and talented lead singer of panic! at the disco.
Brendon Urie sings lyrics written by Ryan Ross.
#p!atd #music #guitarist #lead singer #fall out boy
by Geeliza February 21, 2006
Lead singer of panic! at the disco. Eighteen years old, adorable, very well dressed.
Kid 1: Have you seen panic! at the disco's music video for "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"?
Kid 2: Yeah, Brendon Urie looks pretty cute dressed up like a ring leader.
#p!atd #panic! at the disco #brent wilson #ryan ross #spencer smith #a fever you can't sweat out
by stealacceptance January 24, 2006
Lead frontman of the ever so increasingly popular indie band Panic! At the Disco. Brendon Urie was born in Summerlin, Las Vegas on April 12, 1987 and is the youngest of five children. He was raised Mormon, however, growing up he felt distant from his religion, and rebelled by smoking weed in 7th grade and getting totally wasted at a party in 9th grade.

In school Brendon Urie was overhyper and very outgoing, leading many to think he was on crack, but little Brendon was obviously not! (He really wasn't though) When he chose to pursue his dreams in forming Panic! At the Disco, his parents kicked him out of their house and he was forced to pay for both his apartment and the band rental space on the wages he made from his job at a Smoothie Shack (Awww poor Brendon) Now the kid's singing his little heart out in concerts and has girls hanging over him just waiting to do the guy.

And how do I know all of this? Hmmm I don't know... (I'm not Brendon obviously you douche but I'm very close)
Group of Fan Girls: LykE O Me GEe It"S bREnD0n UriE!!! wAtS a H0tTiEE!!!

Brendon Urie: Well of course who the hell do you think I am?
#mormon #panic! at the disco #frontman #indie #outgoing
by Heya! July 30, 2006
The lead singer of Panic!at The Disco, and a sex god... all that and he's only eighteen! xo
1st person: Wow! Do you think Panic! At The Disco are great?
2nd person: Yes I do- especially Brendon Urie; he is my favourite singer.
#p!atd #sexy #brendon #urie #rock
by x|[tasha]|x May 10, 2006
The incredibly wonderful frontman of Panic! At The Disco. He is also very gorgeous and sexy. Born on April 12th, 1986 in Las Vegas.
Brendon Urie is my husband. Also in the words of Brendon himself
"And keep telling yourself I'm A Diva!"
#p!atd #panic! at the disco #brendon #urie #sexy
by mrs.urie March 20, 2006
1. A very, VERY attractive lead singer of a band called Panic! at the Disco. He is 19 years old currently, born on April 12, 1987. He was raised a Mormon in Las Vegas.

2. Just about the sexiest person alive.

3. The person I wish was my boyfriend. <3
1. Dog: Did you know Brendon Urie is the lead singer of a band?
Cat: Yeah, and he's also uber attractive!

2. Cow: Brendon Urie is the sex.

3. Kailee: I wish I was Brendon Urie's girlfriend.
#brendon urie #panic at the disco #sexiness #love #music
by Kailee the Hippo July 15, 2006
The extremly hot lead singer of Panic! At the Disco, the best band in the world all because of Brendon. Such a Sex God!
girl 1:have you heard of Panic! AT the Disco
girl 2:Yes isnt Brendon Urie SOOO HOTT!
girl 1: Hellz yeah
#panic! at the disco #sex god #super hot #lead singer #teenager
by EtniesSkater June 29, 2006
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