An attractive lead singer of the band 'Panic At The Disco'
He is known for his talents in playing musical instruments and singing.
He can play the piano forte brilliantly.
Also famous for his large lips and butt.
girl: Brendon Urie is so talented!
boy: wish i could be like him!
by Sama_Panic January 03, 2009
Hottest guy on the planet! Frontman/lead vocalist for Panic At The Disco
I wish Brendon Urie was my bae
via giphy
by panicatthefalloutboy November 22, 2015
Also known as 'brendon urine', the talentless, whiny, and pathetic hack of a lead singer who fronts the shitty pop band 'panic! at the disco'. The only people who think he's 'hawt' are 14 year old scene girls who tend to yell "OMFG LYKE BRANDAN URY IS SO HAWTZ". Also likes to put a lot of 'theatrics' in his music videos, making him seem even gayer. Of course, all the 'haters' are just jealous of this bullshit music.
Brendon Urie is a fucking worthless fag.
by Shadow Creator December 11, 2007

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