Lead singer of the AWESOME BAND Panic! At the disco. No need to mention that he is the SEXIEST man alive. It's fun to know that he had only been lead singer of the band for two weeks when they signed a record label! He "switched" with, now guitarist, Ryan Ross. The band only existed for a couple of months!
Brendon Urie also has a great voice and is really great in concert!
by S0sj0 August 17, 2006
The lead singer/keyboardist of Panic! at the Disco who is also pretty sexyy, he's so hot even lesbians would want to do him!
Girl: Brendon Urie is so hot!!
Lesbian: He IS!!!!
by lolimsocool August 12, 2006
The lead singer of Panic! at the disco.Has a very nice voice, is very sexy and looks scrumptious in eyeliner and lipstick.
I could look at Brendon Urie all day!
by EternalCarnation August 18, 2006
The extremely sexy, lead vocalist of american band, Panic! At the Disco.
Girl 1- "OMG isn't Brendon Urie just so hot?!"
Girl 2- "Yeah, totally"
by gina hamilton October 06, 2006
Lead singer for Panic! At The Disco, hottest man alive, wonderful voice, great dancer, and a nice butt.
Katrina: I love Brendon Urie!
Molly: Yeah, I love his dancing!
Molly: And his cover of Killer Queen!
by Katrina Kaiser December 12, 2006
The most gorgous && perfect man ever.
Is known from the hit "I write Sins Not Tragedies"
A teenage heart-throb
When i meet him, he will fall in love with me..and ask me to marry him..he just dusnt know it yet :]
Brendon Urie is Sexy
by Kati9387 August 16, 2006
urie, brendon; n.: the source of all the kinetic energy on earth
Brendon Urie: "You know what they say about big fish tails?"
-does retarded hand thing-
by Shirannnnnn March 29, 2008

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