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Meaning "Torchlight" or "Firelight", Brenda come from the Old Norse, while Lee (obviously) means "light".

A sexy girl with black hair & green eyes, who likes metal music & computers - sexy but nerdy but can beat your ass.
"Who's that freaky looking cutie playing Halo?"

"Oh, that's Brendalee"
#sexy #nerd #nakkidnerd #computer geek #geeky #goth #punk #brunette
by SuicidalBrunette February 04, 2010
The West Coast's nickname for cocaine, coke, yay. Brenda Lee was a famous country singer in the 1960's. Her legendary appeal to the white trash community is probably why her name is linked to the white gurl. Also commonly refered to as brenda or brenda lee-zie.
We just hangin round the house with brenda lee. She the only bitch that make a nigga wanna ski
#coke #cocaine #yay #white gurl #carol
by maria conchita morales November 24, 2006
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