The absolute most perfect person on the planet. No arguments. Everything about this girl is so amazing that she is sometimes thought to be an angel or goddess. She is the most beautiful girl to live on this planet. She will deny that, but it is a true and everybody knows it. She is the kindest, most caring person ever who will do anything to make you feel special. And she has the cutest laugh, smile, face, eyes, and pretty much perfect in every way you can imagine and it hurts to not be around her because she is the most loveable person ever
I love you brenda your perfect.
by Jaimiiee October 04, 2014
Mans terminology to describe a womans breasts
"Hay John look at the size of her Brendas"
by Cannonballfinch January 09, 2008
A girl with black hair, and white skin (can look like alice cooper in a girly/ hot way)
Amazingly hilarious, very friendly, smart and retarded (in a good way)
Loves 60's - 80's music and hardcore or metal.
and actually thinks loud burps and games are cool, can beat you at guitar hero.
student: dude, whoes that chick with the black and white skin?

kidd; that's brenda fool, she's funny and has good taste in music
by pink_is_metal November 03, 2008
its derived from the Old Norse word "brand" or sword which makes it a warrior name.
"I will stab you with my Brenda!"
by bblue July 11, 2008
the most beautiful and wonderful girl in the world. Lives in nevda
Yeah. she's a brenda.
by korena a September 02, 2008
A Word to describe a friend whos breasts are visible from space or can be used as weapons of mass destruction
That Girl over there looks well brenda init greg.

Her brendas are massive, the world better watch out!
by rusty182 May 01, 2009
Weird freak incapable of thinking logically. Needs a boyfriend who could handle the amount of non-existent general knowledge. Kudos to him.
Woah, you thought lamas were lhamas! You're such a Brenda!
by themagikman March 25, 2014

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