A girl who people think is pretty and sexy but is really insecure and pretends to have confidence in herself. She is stressed out a lot but is good at acting like she's totally fine. She's really smart and funny despite her complete sadness and alone feelings. No one will ever really know the true Brenda
Brenda is alone and always will feel like she is be but puts on a mask and fakes her happiness to everyone
by BreadLoafOf January 05, 2013
Top Definition
A very nice person, with a beautiful face, and a special heart
Look, her name is probably Brenda.
by james gallier August 21, 2008
It takes alot for her to say I LOVE YOU. but when she does she says it deep and with all of her heart. She has a love lying inside her that is unexplainable. She loves hard and until the end. These girls are very beautiful, super nice, too funny, overly trustworthy, with a bombashus bubbly personality! Brendas are postive people and laugh a whole lot. She is as real as it gets. Outbeats any comparison. Her friendships are unbreakable and strong in all views. She never lies, steals, cheats, or betrays. Take every word she says to heart, Brendas speak the truth and are overly honest people all around. Intelligent and full of wisdom. Brendas will never break your heart and will extend out theres when yours is broken. If you are one of the lucky ones you will get to know a Brenda and know she is worth keeping. Brendas make best of friends. Never lose or let go of a Brenda as they are hard to replace. Brendas are adorable!!!!

"Why can't I find a Brenda?"
"Because not all women are made beautiful like her"
by my dream girl August 19, 2011
slang for the sexiest girl alive, that any guy will fall in love with. often on a scale 1-10 a 1,000,000. also very nice and smart, the best of 3 worlds
by ewwwwitsjaclyn February 12, 2009
One hot number! Intelligent,passionate and sexy. A classic beauty. Eyes and a smile that are hypnotic. Her laughter is contageous. Makes the strongest of men weak! One of a kind!
Look at her... Her name must be Brenda
by mtngal February 04, 2010
A funny girl who has a unique beautiful laugh. Really smart, and mature for her age. Beautiful smile, intense eyes you get lost in, and loves to laugh off the small things. Likes making new friends, as it is very easy for Brendas to do so, they attract many people with their loving and caring personality. Watch out because Brendas also attract haters. Others jealosy can not break her. She is a very strong person. You will give up trying to diminish her before she even notices you. One tough person to break. Can outstand anything thrown her way. Is always complimented on her looks, beauty, body, and style. Watch your back Brendas, perverted guys are attracted to your beauty. Is a boy magnet. Looks hot in heels. Great legs and the biggest butt ever. Brendas are Beautiful inside and out. Get yourself a Brenda!!
Damn you lucky bastard you married a Brenda!
by Estevan P. August 19, 2011
The most adorable girl you will ever meet. She is about 5 foot. Brunette. Light complected. Many people say she is a "vampire." Her face is flawless and she has a mole on her face that "keeps growing." She has the best personality. She is super hilarious and always knows how to put a smile on people's faces. She is one of the sweetest and nicest girls you will ever meet but once you get on her bad side you better beware. She gets very angry in an instant and when she can't take anymore she just has to let it out and have a good cry. She is a strong and independent woman. She is too good for any boy. One day she will meet her prince charming who will most likely be a baseball player. She loves animals and is very talented. She is super smart but most of the time acts ditsy. She has many friends and everyone knows that she is just a likeable person. Not many people can hate her. If you know a Brenda you are one lucky person. She is a great friend. If you have a Brenda don't let her walk out of your life. That will be a big mistake. all in all she is adorable, cute, pretty, beautiful, and all that jazz.
Dude look at Brenda and her mermaid hair. She is so adorable. I wish i could be a pretty and look like a vampire.
by chaiiiin July 21, 2012
Brenda is a name given to the trillest/realest girls out there. She is unique and sexy. Light skin girl with beautiful light brown eyes. She's nice but don't fuck with her. She will shut that that bitch up quick and will fuck her up. She has a banging body and doesn't give a fuck about anything.
Dude she is a Brenda
by DaaUrbanDic August 01, 2011
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