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1. A substitute for the word 'Jesus' used as an expression to be yelled at something bad and/or surprising.
2. Used as a substitute for any other word in the English language when speaking and you forget the real word you're thinking of.
3. Used as a substitute for words related with sexual intercoarse.
4. This word is usually dragged on when saying it.
5. This word has also been known to be said without the 'us' at the end.
Examples are given in same order as their definitions above.
1. Person 1: You're 2 hours late!
Person 2: Breezus!

2. Person 1: What are you upto tonight?
Person 2: I dunno... I might hangout at Alex's uhh breezus. (house)

3. Person 1: Look at C.J. today.
Person 2: Aw man, I would breez her so hard.

4. Person 1: Breeeeeezus!

5. Person 1: Breeeeeeeez!
by t-hess April 10, 2010
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Drew Brees, quarterback for the 2010 Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints.

It alludes to the fact that Brees has saved us during many football games.
Lead us, Breezus !

Save us, Breezus !
by AngieAntimatter October 04, 2010
It is a term used in conjunction with Chris Brown's nickname 'Breezy' & Jesus' to Exclaim in pleasure Of seeing Chris Brown looking and/or doing something sexy/very attractive.
Suzie: OMG, Chris Brown Just Took Off His Shirt And Started Humping The Stage!!!

Sally: PRAISE Breezus!!!
by LittleMissTroubleMaker June 24, 2010
Breezus is a word coined by TeamBreezy.

Noun Form - In its noun format Breezus refers to singer Chris Brown as Jesus in a respectful way. It is to say that he is the best at what he does and is virtually untouchable.

Adjective Form - In its adjective format Breezus can be used to replace words such as 'cool', 'rad', 'dope', 'fetch'. It means for something to be rather awesome.
Noun Form - Breezus(Chris Brown) is the best Entertainer of all time!

Adjective Form - OMG, this new purse is so breezus!
by ShawtyHellaDumb October 24, 2010

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