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a woman who is likely to bear strong, athletic children. Usually assumed because the woman is tall and athletic herself.
Dang you see Claire playing in the volleyball game last night? With that tight body of hers, she is definitely a breeder!
by Arr Dog February 20, 2009
A woman with extreme athletic prowess but often less than attractive by conventional standards. Breeding with them is Likely to produce professional athletes and an early retirement.
Tom: Dude no way I'm fucking Tammy she is like 6'1 and a butterface!

JJ: Dude she's a BREEDER think about the kids she could pop out even if one goes pro you're set for life.

Tom: Good Point.
by TomboDuke August 27, 2008
1.an insulting term used by judgemental and ignorant space nuggets to describe procreation among human beings.
2.should be used to refer to women that have as many children as possible to work the welfare system and support their crack habit.
" i thought it was cool until we were in trader joes and someone called us breeders."
"hey space nuggets,your mom was either a breeder or the mother ship farted and you came out."
by bean betty September 15, 2007
Pregnant illegal aliens that sneak across the border from Mexico, so they can bear children that are US citizens. Breeders burden emergency rooms, schools, and spread disease. Once here, they breed with beaners so they can pop out more babies, and get more benefits from the government.
Maria the breeder sneaks into our country from Mexico, then pops out beaner babies so she can get welfare and go shopping.
by sendthemhomenow November 14, 2006
The (usually female) submissive in a sub-dom (usually heterosexual) relationship, forced by the dominant partner to bear children
"I met with SirMandric from alt.sex.bdsm the other day. He's dropped Sonia and is looking for a new breeder."
by Dazzla July 08, 2006
Person(s) conceiving in order to complicate existance
no example
by brad March 13, 2004