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A super hot babe anyone is lucky to get with, total sexy beast. If you can get it in with her, your the luckiest guy in the world. Usually amazing in bed.
Guy 1: Bro, You see that new breeanna chick?
Guy 2: Yes! Dude she's such a babe!
Girl 1: I wish I looked like that :(
by strobes_like_a_boss January 13, 2012
a sweet, caring , loving , girl who can make you feel so special every moment your with her or just talking to her.
you will fall in love with her the moment you see her (like i did).

she will do anything for you.
she will give you meany changes no matter how badly you stuffed up.
if she likes you, your the luckiest guy in the world and you should ask
her out straight away.
so pretty much she is the best girl ever <3
guy 1. she looks good, who is she

guy 2. yeah thats breeanna
by superman aka squishy September 04, 2013
Sexy beasty; usually amazing in bed.
loved by all men, makes every girl jealous.
skinny as fuck.
Guy#1: Oh my god, that girl breeanna is so skinny and sexy, i want her in my pants!
Guy#2: Dood i already got her, suck yer own dick. shes sucking mine as we speak!
by damnsexyhoe January 18, 2009
She is a bitch and no one is going to like her.
She wants to be like someone and they are not going to be her friend.
No one will ever ever ever like her because she is not a nice person
Someone "hi"
Bree-Anna "rrrrr go away bitch"
by Imagine you 122 September 04, 2015
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