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A city full of stuck up bitches who pretend that they're all good kids. Most of them get cars before they're 16, have jobs waiting for them, are amazing at sports, and get what they want. Most of them are also white and Cathloic, and shun others who aren't. They appear to be good kids, but all of them smoke weed and are dramatic sluts.
Dude 1:Did you see the new girl?
Dude 2: Yeah, she's from Brecksville isn't she?
Dude 1: Want me to hook it up?
by shann0nm00r3 December 31, 2011
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A speed trap 15 miles south of Cleveland.

"Patrol is the most vital part of any police department. The Brecksville Police Department runs a very aggressive patrol program" BPD Website

I think a bunch of old white people live there too.
I got a speeding ticket for driving 35mph on a four lane road in Brecksville
by 10.2.1 April 04, 2013
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White. People. Everywhere.
Catholic. People. Everywhere.
Social. Privilege. Everywhere.
What do you call a group of basic, white people.

I don't know, what?

A Brecksville
by MeBigBoiMe May 26, 2017
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