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Breathalepsy is a hazardous but pleasurable condition which effect mainly females. Upon viewing or spending time with a breathtakingly handsome and kind, a female can slip into a state of breathlessness where her lungs forget to work because they are so stunned by the gorgeousness and kindness of man. The female will also experience a trance like state in combination with breathlessness. The length of the episode can vary but mostly last momentarily from 2 minutes up to 5 minutes. handsome gents need to be aware and not panic. Breathalepsy is only a temporary and transient state of altered consciousness and breath stoppage. Normal breathing patterns will resume. The sufferer will have no recollection of 'going out' and will recommence from the exact spot she left off.

*can be lethal but usually harmless :)
Danielle: "so, i was wondering if you'd like to joiiiiiiii....." *breathalepsy episode commencement*
Robert: "uh... dani... dani... are you okay? dani?" *shaking her vigorously*
after 5 minutes
Danielle: "join me for a cup of coffee????"
Robert: "um... what in St. Anthony's name just happened dani?"

Dani looks around and there are paramedics, doctors and a stretcher of on the ground.
by skypainter.11 June 14, 2010
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